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The Hautman Brothers have established themselves as America's foremost family of wildlife artists. The three brothers have received numerous honors and awards, and have been a dominating presence in many state and national duck stamp competitions. At last count, the three brothers have seen their art featured on over 43 state and federal conservation stamps. Jim, Bob and Joe are the only brothers to win the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Contest - which they have now won 8 times! The talents of the Hautman Brothers as well as their unique family gift were mentioned in the motion picture 'FARGO.' They have received national accolades on television and National Public Radio, and from newspapers such as USA TODAY, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE and THE ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, as well as TIME, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, U.S. ART, FUR-FISH-GAME and NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER magazines. The Hautmans' artwork has been displayed in the OVAL OFFICE and the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTES in Washington D.C. Visit 's website.

ClearVues by this artist:

Springer  WC323010-1
Labs In Marsh  WC323009-1
Labs In Marsh
Black Lab  WC323007-1
Black Lab
Weimaranger  WC323006-1
Golden And Pups  WC323005-1
Golden And Pups
Golden Portrait  WC323004-1
Golden Portrait
Lab And Teal  WC323003-1
Lab And Teal
Orchard Blossoms  WC321011-1
Orchard Blossoms
Butterfly  WC321008-1
Fishing Buddies  WC319006-1
Fishing Buddies
Large Mouth Bass  WC319005-1
Large Mouth Bass
First Of The Day  WC319004-1
First Of The Day
Feeding Walleyes  WC319003-1
Feeding Walleyes
Rainbow Trout  WC319002-1
Rainbow Trout
Throwin' In The Plug  WC319001-1
Throwin' In The Plug
Shoshone Village  WC317007-1
Shoshone Village
Three Indians  WC317006-1
Three Indians
Black Feet Village  WC317005-1
Black Feet Village
Lakota Village  WC317004-1
Lakota Village
Cheyene Village  WC317003-1
Cheyene Village
Indian Portrait  WC317002-1
Indian Portrait
Watchful Pause I  WC311009-1
Watchful Pause I
Watchful Pause  WC311008-1
Watchful Pause
Running Wild  WC311007-1
Running Wild
Howling In The Moonlight  WC311006-1
Howling In The Moonlight
The Chase  WC311005-1
The Chase
On The Move  WC311003-1
On The Move
Wolf Pack  WC311004-1
Wolf Pack
Northwoods Moose  WC309023-1
Northwoods Moose
Black Bay Moose  WC309022-1
Black Bay Moose
Penguin  WC309021-1
Chin Strap Penguins  WC309020-1
Chin Strap Penguins
Spring Turkey  WC309019-1
Spring Turkey
Rock Mountain Grizzly  WC309018-1
Rock Mountain Grizzly
Black Bears  WC309017-1
Black Bears
Looking For Trouble  WC309016-1
Looking For Trouble
Bear Family  WC309015-1
Bear Family
Northern Explorers  WC309014-1
Northern Explorers
African Safari II  WC309013-1
African Safari II
African Safari I  WC309012-1
African Safari I
African Safari  WC309011-1
African Safari
Buffalo Herd  WC309010-1
Buffalo Herd
Three Pandas  WC309009-1
Three Pandas
Chance Encounter  WC309008-1
Chance Encounter
Winter Fox  WC309007-1
Winter Fox
Bob's Horse  WC307010-1
Bob's Horse
Wild Horse  WC307008-1
Wild Horse
Horses At The Crossing  WC307009-1
Horses At The Crossing
High Country  WC307007-1
High Country
Prarie Meadow Horses  WC307006-1
Prarie Meadow Horses
Band Of Thunder  WC307005-1
Band Of Thunder
Horse at the Crossing  WC307004-1
Horse at the Crossing
Cougar  WC305016-1
Tiger Portrait  WC305015-1
Tiger Portrait
Hidden  WC305014-1
Rajastan Tiger  WC305013-1
Rajastan Tiger
Siberian Tiger Charging  WC305012-1
Siberian Tiger Charging
Firelines  WC305011-1
Focus I  WC305010-1
Focus I
Focus  WC305009-1
White Tiger  WC305008-1
White Tiger
African Lion  WC305007-1
African Lion
Cougar Portrait  WC305006-1
Cougar Portrait
Vantage Point Cougar  WC305005-1
Vantage Point Cougar
Quiet Fire  WC305004-1
Quiet Fire
Elk  WC303013-1
November Buck  WC303012-1
November Buck
Autumn Whitetails I  WC303011-1
Autumn Whitetails I
October Sun  WC303010-1
October Sun
High Mountain Elk  WC303009-1
High Mountain Elk
Fawn And Flowers  WC303008-1
Fawn And Flowers
Twin Fawns  WC303006-1
Twin Fawns
Autumn Whitetails  WC303007-1
Autumn Whitetails
Local Legend  WC303005-1
Local Legend
Our Side Of The River  WC303004-1
Our Side Of The River
Orchard Blossoms And Birds  WC301043-1
Orchard Blossoms And Birds
Doves And Apple Blossoms  WC301042-1
Doves And Apple Blossoms
Song Birds  WC301041-1
Song Birds
Spring Blossom Bluebirds  WC301040-1
Spring Blossom Bluebirds
Hummin Bird Columbine  WC301039-1
Hummin Bird Columbine
Blue Jay  WC301038-1
Blue Jay
Winter Snowfall Cardinal  WC301037-1
Winter Snowfall Cardinal
Cedar And Mallards  WC301035-1
Cedar And Mallards
Waves And Sanderlings  WC301034-1
Waves And Sanderlings
Ibis  WC301033-1
Flamingos  WC301032-1
Swan Pair  WC301031-1
Swan Pair
Rain Forest Menagerie  WC301028-1
Rain Forest Menagerie
Pelican  WC301027-1
Eagle Portrait  WC301026-1
Eagle Portrait
American Flag Eagle  WC301025-1
American Flag Eagle
Eagle  WC301024-1
Sunset Bald Eagle  WC301023-1
Sunset Bald Eagle
Soaring Eagle  WC301022-1
Soaring Eagle
Summertime Eagle  WC301021-1
Summertime Eagle
Heading South  WC301020-1
Heading South
Canvasbacks I  WC301019-1
Canvasbacks I
Summertime Loons  WC301018-1
Summertime Loons
Canvasbacks  WC301017-1
Mallard Flock  WC301016-1
Mallard Flock
Mallard Trio  WC301015-1
Mallard Trio
Liberty Canvasbacks  WC301014-1
Liberty Canvasbacks
Black Ducks  WC301013-1
Black Ducks
Some Other Time  WC301012-1
Some Other Time
Sundown At Delta Marsh  WC301010-1
Sundown At Delta Marsh
Blue Bills At Dawn  WC301009-1
Blue Bills At Dawn
Resting Mallards  WC301008-1
Resting Mallards
Winter Waters  WC301007-1
Winter Waters
Five Geeese  WC301006-1
Five Geeese
Redheads  WC301005-1
Rocky Shallows  WC301004-1
Rocky Shallows
Mallards In Flight  WC301003-1
Mallards In Flight